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Chopwell Heritage Trail

The refurbishment of the Forestry Commission offices, to form the Classroom, was jointly funded by the Friends and the Forestry Commission.  The Classroom was officially opened in November 1996.  Over 1000 children visit each year and use the Classroom as a base for finding out all about the woodland, its plants and wildlife.

Following the opening of the Classroom, the Friends funded the construction of a Nature Trail which was opened in 1998.  Mature Sitka Spruce trees on the Nature Trail were felled in 2008 and this led to the closure and removal of the trail.  A new Nature Trail was constructed in 2010 in another area nearby, and this is now open for use.

In 1999, a pond was constructed close to the Classroom for educational purposes.  Further wildlife habitats have been added around the Meadow area next to the pond.

During Spring 2001 the Forest Classroom was extended, making it about 40% bigger.  A bird feeder station is also set up outside the classroom window.   A living Willow woven tunnel complex has added even more interest for visitors of all ages.

Learning Resources for self-led educational visits can the downloaded from the Forestry Commission website at

The Woodland Trust also have excellent educational materials for woodland visits, these can be downloaded from their website at