Xmas Tree Sales

8 am to 8 pm  everyday – site closed as all trees sold by early morning Wednesday 21st December.
The sales site is situated next to the main car park, and has seasonal illuminations from dusk until closing.  Car parking is free.

Tree species available this year will be – Norway Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, and four types of Fir  –  Nordmann, Noble, Fraser and Balsam.  Sorry but we do not have any pot grown or bare rooted trees.  Tree deliveries can be arranged if required, but are not usually the same day.

Please note that we can no longer offer any TREE RECYCLING at the wood – do not bring trees back after Christmas.  Instead take trees to local Council waste and recycling sites, or use your green compost bin.
Answer to most FAQ

–  Approx tree prices – 6 ft Spruce £25, Pine £35 and Fir £40. Tree prices are cheaper than last year.  There is some variation as trees are priced not only on the height, but also quality.  Trees sizes start from about 5 ft and go up to about 15 ft, the smaller and bigger trees sell out quickly as the majority of stock is  6 to 8 ft height.  All trees for sale should have a price label on so that buyers will know what they will pay.  Payment by cash or card – thank you.

The proceeds of the sale of  trees each year brings benefits to the Wood  –  these are used to fund improvements such as the provision of picnic tables; maintenance of the footpaths; development of the facilities such as the Forest Classroom; the addition of sculptures and other features; and conservation and restoration of woodland habitats.  These funds are also pay for a number of public events within the Wood each year.
All our Christmas Trees have been grown in BRITAIN, whilst many others sell trees from other countries (this usually involves the trees being cut early to allow time for shipping).  Our trees are Forest Fresh, and with the right care should look good throughout the Christmas celebrations.
Buying a real tree helps the environment – while growing these long-term crops add oxygen to our atmosphere and provide wildlife habitats. After use trees can be returned for recycling to sites set up by local Councils.
The atmosphere at the site is so refreshing after the experiences of Christmas shopping elsewhere. There are 1000’s of trees to choose from, as well as tree stands, wreaths, and decorations. In addition, at the weekends there are refreshments.

are open from 9 am until 5 pm each weekend.  SANTA will be at the site between 11 am and 3.30 pm for two weekends only – 3rd/4th and 10th/11th.

Santa @ Chopwell Wood 2012

The Norway Spruce is a popular variety because of its bushy conical shape and its low cost.  These trees will retain their needles if they are kept well watered and in a cool location (not next to the fire or hot radiator).
The Fir Trees are a similar shape to the Spruce, but cost twice as much due to the longer growing period and extra care required. Fir Trees do retain their needles much longer in a warm atmosphere.
Pine Trees have upturned branches, which some people prefer, but are not as costly as the Firs.
The trees brought to the site come in a range of sizes and prices, with a variety of species available. Trees have a care label attached, and a free netting service is available to help you get your tree home.  All trees are individually priced, to help you make your choice.

All types of felled real tree should have at least 25mm (1″) cut off the trunk (Fir trees have a very dense wood, and therefore more difficult to cut) and be put into a bucket of water, as soon as you get it home. It is advisable to delay decorating for a while, until you are sure that the water is being absorbed – if it is not you will need to cut more off the trunk to ensure the natural seal made by the tree is removed.  Preferably, leave it in a cool place until you need it – make sure there is always plenty of water, do not allow it to dry out, otherwise the tree will re-seal itself !
We recommend for best display that you use a proper tree stand, or suitable container filled with stones. Give your tree plenty of water, and regular top ups. Try to place it in the coolest part of the room.  If there is a radiator nearby then turn it off/or down to its lowest setting.  Ensure that the tree is taking up water before decorating, the water level should go down very visibly within a day. These tips will help you keep your tree fresh.

The Chopwell Wood  “Real Tree Experience”  is a unique way of buying your tree, whilst helping the “Friends” to continue the work of caring for the Wood.