History Of Xmas Tree Sales

Christmas Trees have been sold at Chopwell Wood for over sixty years.  The Forestry Commission organised the sales until 1991, and announced they would not be selling the trees from 1992 onwards.  The “Friends” took over the sales as a major fund raising project, and initially were assisted in the set up by the Forestry Commission staff.  We now work together with a company that grows Christmas Trees  –  Formoss.

For forty years the most popular tree species sold was Norway Spruce, but over the last twenty years Fir trees have become more popular.  However, the higher cost of Firs could lead to a return in demand for the cheaper and more traditional Norway Spruce.

In 2010, the heavy snowfall which began in November completely cut off access to the sales site, and the sales had to be completely cancelled for the first time.

Buying a real tree helps the environment – while growing these long-term crops add oxygen to our atmosphere and provide wildlife habitats. After use they can be recycled at sites set up by local Councils.