Chopwell Wood is used by an incredible 200,000 people every year. We welcome everyone who wants to enjoy the Wood: walkers, runners, dog walkers, horse riders, LARPERS*, orienteers, cyclists…and everyone else.

Part of the Friends’ work is to encourage sensitive recreational use and consideration between all the users of the Wood. A lot of work goes, voluntarily, into keeping the woodland a beautiful and harmonious place. Help us to make sure Chopwell Wood continues to support such a diverse range of users and activities by following a few simple rules.

 This is all we ask of you
  • Take your litter home.
  • Give way to walkers on shared paths (the Powerline Cycle Trail is the only dedicated bike trail).
  • Observe all signs during timber felling operations.
  • Don’t build any structures, or do anything else which impacts on the Wood.
  • Help protect wildlife habitats – don’t pick wildflowers or damage trees.
  • Don’t light fires.
  • Don’t take motor vehicles off road.
  • Don’t camp or stay in the Wood overnight.
  • Keep dogs under control, especially around other Wood users such as horse riders.
  • Keep dogs on a lead in the residential areas of the Wood.
  • Keep dogs out of ponds and avoid disturbing wildlife.

Dog waste bins are not provided in the Wood. Please don’t let your dog’s mess inconvenience other Wood users.

  • In the area near the car park bag all dog waste and take it home with you.
  • Deeper in the wood use a stick and flick any mess off paths.
  • Don’t leave bagged dog waste in the Wood.
*Live Action Role Players