Heritage Bridge

We have been advised that for safety the Heritage “Aad Man’s” Bridge has been closed.  The access path leading to the bridge is also closed at either side.  The stream bankside has eroded and the bridge supports are no longer secure, and the wood is also rotting in some parts.  Sadly, the structure will have to be removed from site.

Coronavirus Update

Due to restrictions elsewhere, the woodland is very busy particularly at weekends.  Please observe the social distancing advice, and show consideration for other visitors.

We hope that all can enjoy the woodland whilst remaining safe and well.

Trustees of FoCW

Chopwell Wood is used by more than 200,000 people every year. We welcome everyone who wants to enjoy the Wood: walkers, runners, dog walkers, horse riders, LARPERS*, orienteers, cyclists…and everyone else. Please maintain social distancing during Covid-19 restrictions.

Part of the Friends’ work is to encourage sensitive recreational use and consideration between all the users of the Wood. A lot of work goes, voluntarily, into keeping the woodland a beautiful and harmonious place. Help us to make sure Chopwell Wood continues to support such a diverse range of users and activities by following a few simple rules.

 This is all we ask of you
  • Take your litter and dog poo bags home, or to the nearest bin outside the woodland. There is a bin next to the brick bus shelter near the woodland entrance at Hookergate.
  • Give way to walkers on shared paths (the Powerline Cycle Trail is the only dedicated bike trail).
  • Ride your bike or horse with consideration for other people.
  • Observe all signs during timber felling operations.
  • Don’t build any structures, or do anything else which impacts on the Wood.
  • Help protect wildlife habitats – don’t pick wildflowers or damage trees.
  • Don’t light fires.
  • Don’t take motor vehicles off road.
  • Don’t camp or stay in the Wood overnight.
  • Keep dogs under control, especially around other Wood users such as horse riders.
  • Keep dogs on a lead in the residential areas of the Wood.
  • Keep dogs out of ponds and avoid disturbing wildlife.

Dog waste bins are not provided in the Wood as there is no one to empty them. Please be a responsible dog owner and don’t let your dog’s mess inconvenience other Wood users.

  • In the area near the car park bag all dog waste and take it home with you.
  • Deeper in the wood use a stick and flick any mess off paths.
  • Please don’t leave bagged dog waste in the Wood – this is the most complained about issue from visitors.
*Live Action Role Players