Northern Navigators use Chopwell Wood for orienteering and their map is free to download for Friends of Chopwell Wood members – just make sure you’re signed in and click the button below.

Chopwell Wood Orienteering Map

Happy orienteering!  Not a member – then you can purchase paper copies of the map for £1 each plus postage via the address below.

Also in Chopwell Wood, as part of the Active Forests Programme – Xplorer Orienteering for families.  Xplorer is a family friendly fun navigation challenge that is educational and gives children a sense of adventure as they explore to find the markers.  At each marker, children need to identify what is pictured and enjoy learning a fun fact to tell their friends.

FREE Map for Challenge 1
click here to download map 1
15 markers – dinosaurs

FREE Map for Challenge 2
click here to download map 2
10 markers – trees

Markers for Xplorer are changed throughout the year.  So far Challenge 1 has seen Safari animals, Christmas characters, and now Dinosaurs – what will be next?  New maps coming soon for Challenge 1 and 2, with markers for Native Wildlife and the Environment.

Both courses start and finish at the main car park.  Paper copies of both maps can also be obtained at the Beat n Track cafe at the main entrance to the woodland at Hookergate (near High Spen).

Challenge 2 answers (no cheating – wait to check after you try the trail):
1 Oak – C. 1 in 10,000;  2 Birch – C. Canada;  3 Ash – B. it absorbs shock without splintering;  4 Alder – B. clogs;  5 Scots Pine – B. amber;  6 Rowan – A. protect from witches;  7 Horse Chestnut – B. snail shells;  8 London Plane – A. London Plane;  9 Hazel – B. model aeroplanes;  10 Elder – A. Harry Potter.