Northern Navigators use Chopwell Wood for orienteering and their map is free to download for Friends of Chopwell Wood members – just make sure you’re signed in and click the link below.

Chopwell Wood Orienteering Map

Happy orienteering!  Not a member – then you can purchase paper copies of the map for £1 each plus postage via the address below.

New to Chopwell Wood as part of the Active Forests Programme – Xplorer Orienteering for families.   Xplorer is a family friendly fun navigation challenge that is educational and gives children a sense of adventure as they explore to find the markers. At each marker, children need to identify what is pictured and enjoy learning a fun fact to tell their friends.

Map for Challenge 1 (15 markers – safari animals) is shown on our Facebook page – 22/6/19 post.  Challenge 2 (10 markers – trees) is now installed, and the map is on our Facebook page – 7/8/19 post.

Both courses start and finish at the main car park.  Paper copies of both maps can also be obtained at the Beat n Track cafe at the main entrance to the woodland at Hookergate (near High Spen).

Challenge 2 answers:
1 Oak – C. 1 in 10,000;  2 Birch – C. Canada;  3 Ash – B. it absorbs shock without splintering;  4 Alder – B. clogs;  5 Scots Pine – B. amber;  6 Rowan – A. protect from witches;  7 Horse Chestnut – B. snail shells;  8 London Plane – A. London Plane;  9 Hazel – B. model aeroplanes;  10 Elder – A. Harry Potter.