Did you know that every tree sold helps to fund the Friends’ work in Chopwell Wood throughout the year, so by buying from us you’re doing your bit to look after this lovely woodland. 2018 sales start on Friday 30 November – more details to follow nearer the time!

Why buy your tree in Chopwell Wood?
  • All our Christmas Trees have been grown in BRITAIN, whilst many others sell trees from other countries (this usually involves the trees being cut early to allow time for shipping).  Our trees are Forest Fresh, and with the right care should look good throughout the Christmas celebrations.
  • Buying a real tree helps the environment – while growing these long-term crops add oxygen to our atmosphere and provide wildlife habitats. After use trees can be returned for recycling to sites set up by local Councils.
  • The proceeds of the sale of  trees each year bring benefits to the Wood  –  these are used to fund improvements such as the provision of picnic tables; maintenance of the footpaths; development of the facilities such as the Forest Classroom; the addition of sculptures and other features; and conservation and restoration of woodland habitats.  These funds are also pay for public events within the Wood each year.


Each tree is priced individually as cost will vary depending on type, size and shape.  As a rough guide, a 6ft spruce will be around £25, a pine around £30 and a fir £40.

Looking after your real tree

  • Store your tree in a cool place before bringing indoors.
  • Keep away from direct heat, including fires and radiators.
  • Cut 1 cm off the stump of your tree and stand in a container full of water.  Don’t use sand or soil, which hinder the tree taking in moisture (Christmas tree stands will also be on sale).
  • Water regularly – a Christmas tree can ‘drink’ up to a pint a day. So keep it topped up!
Click here for how to find Chopwell Wood Christmas Tree Sales.  We look forward to seeing you!